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"Songs of the Heart"       $9.95
The Songbook
​The Songs of Wynn W. Flaming

A compilation of his early works comprised of Praise and Worship, Contemporary Christian and Christmas Music

Song Titles Include:  "Song Of Praise", "Greater Is He / I Will Stand", "I Believe", "You, Oh Lord", "Lord Of All", "You Rescue Me", "Lord I Give My Heart To You" and "Christmas Is For Children"

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"Whispers of Life"         $6.95
by Wynn W. Flaming
A book of Prose, Poetry and Ramblings

"Whispers of Life" is filled with selections of Prose, Poetry and some Ramblings of the writer. It runs the full spectrum of the emotions of life. Life is a Journey and that Journey is filled with good and bad experiences as well as the likes and dislikes of life. Once we learn to embrace them all and learn to grow from them, do we find our true purpose in life, building our character, hopefully for the best. 

The selections are in no certain order. As in life, one day may be sad, the next happy. The order gives the reader the feeling that life is made up of many different memories, emotions and events, a Journey in itself. Some writings may have similar themes but as in life, it seems that the good times are good and the bad times can be really bad, all part of that Journey.

Hopefully, you'll be able to identify with the experiences in your own life and learn, grow and use them to Make the World a Better Place.

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