Suggestions and Comments for Making The World A Better Place

A few musicians on Twitter have started a crowdfund to support Tom Rutherford. Tom has permanent injuries from a car crash (hit head-on by a drunk driver) that also destroyed his two guitars. It's cool when musicians (who are not all rich!) do what they can to help out another musician. 


With so many people and organizations needing special help, we can use our talent and craft to help. Talk to different groups in your are that reach out and plan a special money raising concert for them or a food drive sponsored by you. Check what the organizations needs the most and work with them to help out the best way for them. This will show you are more than just a band, that you really care about your community as well as other communities you visit as you tour to different places.  Make a difference every way you can.


Ocean, a friend  on Facebook kept it real, sharing a statement which applies to your craft as well as your character when he shared:

Artist: Never devalue yourself or your work to make a sale or sell your services. Know your worth.

Shannon reminds us that one good deed can open the door to more good deeds in the future. It may be a bit scary at times but you never know how that deed can make a difference:
Today I spent about 4 hours helping someone who is not computer literate to apply for jobs online. The world is a very scary place for someone who can't use a computer and really wouldn't have access even it they could. It was a lot of time and I caught myself feeling a little peevish - but then I remembered something that happened when I was a young single Mom. I had a job at a big insurance company downtown Dallas. I had just enough money to use the park and ride and get to my job on the bus. There was no lunch money and every cent I made went to pay for daycare, rent, the food we had to eat at home and a car payment and there was nothing left for lunches. I just stayed at my desk during lunch and drank coffee. Of course I was starving but way too proud to say anything and just trying to get through the day to get back home. One day a lady that I worked with came back fron lunch and sat a paper bag on my desk. I asked what it was and she said "just leftovers - if you want it - if not just toss it." She wasn't the friendly type and I'd never had a conversation with her before. I said thanks and ate every bite. That began a daily ritual and that women fed me for at least a year until I found a better job. She was an angel in disguise and probably never knew how much it meant. Or maybe she did. Either way - I owed this 4 hours and more. It all matters.

I'm learning that so many of us are so preoccupied with our world, we don't see the need for change or the drive to do so. It seems that there are just a few of us willing to reach out to the world to make some positive changes. So what does that tell about the rest of us. Back in the day, we were there to help our neighbors in times of need but not so much today. I hope by reaching out here, we may reach one or two who may reach one or two more in the quest for making this world a better place.

Shannon reminds us of a major key to changing the world:
I hope to start making the world better by reaching out to heal my personal relationships that have been damaged by neglect or disagreements. I will take that step toward healing in my own life. I think freeing myself from those burdens will allow me to reach out more effectively to help others.

We search for our dreams and our fame through our music and writing but those who learn to give with a compassionate heart are those who will leave a legacy that will last forever. Take one day a week and give to your community. It may start with something simple but the moment you start, more opportunities will  find you.

I realized today that you have to be honest with yourself whether you are willing to open up your heart to those in need. If you're not, that's OK. It's a process that we each have to take. Sometimes it takes a change of heart and a change of habit. 
I drove down the street, probably going no where in a hurry. An old white haired man clutching his bottle in his hand was weaving in the middle of the road. As I drove around him and headed on my way, I realized he was one who I said I would be there to help. I too am having to change my way of thinking if I'm honest about reaching out to those in need. I need to find their humanness again and not the idea that they are just vagrants  on the streets.......Wynn

A friend of ours, Bradley, had a friend that was volunteering and he asked to go along and he started as well:
​I'm volunteering tonight. Packing homeless kits, loading trucks for starving children and feeding people. It's the least I can do for the world. One day I'll be able to do more and will do more to make a difference in the world.

WynnSong Reaching Out

As musicians and writers, we tend to let everything we do revolve around our craft. This is a good thing as it helps us to improve our skills, our creativity and our outcome. However, sometimes we forget to reach out to the world around us in a more positive way other than our field of expertise. 

We at WynnSong Publishing have found ourselves in the same mindset, becoming so involved in our purpose and our growth that we sometimes forget that there is more to this life than our company. 

The founder of our company has been reaching out in other venues to encourage others to do what we can to "Make The World A Better Place"

We decided that WynnSong Publishing should be doing more as well.

We are starting a new branch called WynnSong Reaching Out. This will be a place where we, as well as others, can promote ways to bring a more positive and uplifting influence to the world around us. We see so many in our cities and streets caught up in a world where they feel worthless and abandoned, giving in to a life of addictions, prostitution or living a life on the streets and homeless. Sometimes they just need a word of encouragement and acknowledgment and a feeling that their life really does matter. Sometimes they need more.

If you would like to help by giving suggestions and comment, fill out the form and submit it to us. Your comments will be added daily to this page.

We can all "Make The World A Better Place" one step, one person at a time.

"Be Who You Wish The World Would Be"

Fill out the form with your suggestions and comments and submit it to us. They will be posted to this page daily. Only your first name will be added unless you specify otherwise.

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